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Can I play online games on HughesNet Fusion Plans?

You can play many types of online games through Fusion Plans. Strategy games, RPGs, and casino games will work well. So will social media app games. Multiplayer, real-time games on gaming consoles and PCs are not recommended for use through Fusion Plans. Their...

Why do I need Internet in a rural area?

In today’s digital world, you need internet even if you live in a remote area. In fact, it may be even more important for people who live far away from town centers to have reliable internet service through a satellite connection. No matter what happens to cellular...

What is low latency?

Low latency refers to an internet connection that shows no visible delays or glitches in most common internet activities. A low-latency connection can support a wider range of content-rich internet activities than all previous satellite internet services.

What is a hybrid technology for Internet service?

A hybrid technology blends the best of two or more previous technologies. Innovative hybrid technology combined gas engines and electric power to make cars more efficient and economical. In a similar breakthrough, the technology behind HughesNet Fusion combines the...

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