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Mobile vs. Desktop Internet Usage: The Latest Figures

The internet has changed our lives forever, and this will continue well into the future, mainly because how we use the internet is constantly evolving. We are relying less and less on traditional desktop computers and turning more and more to our mobile devices to...

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The Best Internet Speed Test Sites of 2020

In today's digital era, we use the internet for practically everything. We use it to communicate, work, socialize, entertain, and so much more. However, as we put increasing demands on our internet connections to provide us with access to the things we want and need...

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10 Must Know Statistics About Cyberbullying

When we think about the role the internet has played in our lives since it first became available to us, most of us have fond memories. The first things that come to mind are perhaps the connections we've been able to make and maintain thanks to the internet, as well...

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Ready to Cut the Cord? Key Questions to Ask

By now, you've likely heard about the idea of cutting the cord. You've probably thought about it a few times, either as you've become frustrated with cable company services or you simply want to pay less for your cable bill. It's even possible that in today's world,...

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Free And Low-Cost Cable TV Options For Your Household

Cable television can be expensive, especially for a service that some families, perhaps like yours, are not using as much as they used to or are supplementing with additional streaming services. Are you just not using all the "premium" channels you are paying a...

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12 Rules to Protect Children Online

As parents, our top priority is always the safety of our children. Since kids can't fully provide for themselves, it's up to us to create a secure environment where they can learn and grow until they become independent. However, the paradox here is that the more we...

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Top Cybersecurity Facts and Figures for 2020

In our digital world, we are now more connected than ever. While this brings tremendous benefits, such as instant communication, increased commerce, and more access to educational materials, we need to be realistic about the threats that exist in this new world. When...

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How Much Internet Speed Do I Actually Need?

You've probably seen the advertisements: "Get up to 1,000 Mbps so that the whole family can stream, browse, and chat at high-speeds!" They're all over the place these days. And if you've ever had to suffer through a period of less than stellar internet speeds – where...

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